Below FAQ are some common concerns of our sellers. If you have other questions, please reach us at
We have made a simple and straight-forward process for individuals to be represented by Ungalleried. To apply to sell your works with Ungalleried, you will first be sent a temporary login in order to create your own secure password to register an account. Subsequently, you will be asked to build up your artist profile by filling in the required fields, to produce a comprehensive page that includes an artist statement, logistical information, and at least five high definition images of a minimum of five artworks available for sale. Once accepted, you will then be free to log in and use the account from any smartphone or digital device, to edit personal settings, update your artist biography, upload images, manage available artworks in your portfolio and follow up with successful sales.
We consider each artist individually, with a team of experienced curators and advisors who look to ensure the quality of artworks in order to build a strong and original network of emerging artists. We desire that each new entrant will benefit the entire network of Ungalleried — artists and patrons alike. Ungalleried is not only a gallery, but a community. Whilst we do not look for conventional accolades, we do seek a diverse selection of artists with strong narratives and passion.
Our art prints are digital reproductions of artists’ works that are produced and sold by Ungalleried. In compliance with artist reproduction rights, we produce a limited number of editions of these prints, and only in formal agreement with the creators of the works in question. Our high-quality limited edition prints are a successful way for interested contemporary artists to share their unique works with a new clientele, whilst protecting authenticity and originality at all times. Through Ungalleried, artists are protected with a reputable and reliable source for art print production and distribution to collectors.
We encourage you to include the highest quality resolution images possible for the best chance of promoting engagement, featuring and sales of your artworks. We require at least five artworks per artist available, with a minimum of five photographs. These should include one broad photograph and four detail shots. We also encourage, if possible, the submission of an image featuring the work in situ — either at home or in the studio. Images must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format in at least 1200 x 1500 pixels with DPI 300.
Once a sale has been made, you will be required to schedule a collection with our selected courier, who will pick up the art work for delivery to the client once you have packaged the artwork safely and securely. Collectors pay for shipment of artworks with our selected courier, meaning your only concern lies in the costs of secure packaging materials for your works. Artists are advised therefore to take into account the cost of packaging materials when evaluating the price of the artwork to be sold. The shipment will be tracked and following the receipt of the artwork you will receive payment.
We insure artworks for damage during transit. In order to make claims and protect you as artists, we require you to take high-quality photographs of the artworks prior to shipment and with packaging materials as evidential proof for that all precautions and quality control was maintained on behalf of artists prior to, and during, the shipment process. Full details of our insurance policy can be found at our website.
It is of utmost importance that your artworks are packaged securely and safely for successful shipment to collectors and for receipt of payment. During delivery, your artwork may pass through many hands and climates, so it is essential to package your works correctly in order to ensure it arrives at the destination in good condition. Individual packaging requirements will vary from artist to artist, and artwork to artwork. Larger works such as sculptures, large at artworks, works exceeding 45” x 45” or larger, and fragile items, will most likely require custom wooden crates for shipment. Other works, such as prints, may be possible to be shipped in roll tubes, and others in conventional packaging boxes. In general, you will need multiple layers that protect artworks in shipment; these include tissue paper, plastic sheeting, bubble wrap, foam board, packing tape, cardboard corner protectors and cardboard boxes. We provide you with comprehensive packaging guidelines, which you must consult for your individual purposes before the shipment of artworks. Please also note that if you are using paint, it is essential to check the drying times of each medium used. If a painting appears dry, but is not completely, it will be damaged during shipment. Ungalleried is not liable for damages in delivery due to improper precautions being taken during packaging.
We offer certificates of authenticity for all prints purchased through Ungalleried. It is a digital template with required fields for you to complete, which we will enclose inside the packaging of the print we will send the collector.
We offer secure payments to artists through wire transfer, PayPal and Stripe, and our support specialists ensure our artists and collectors are financially protected in every sale. Payments to artists will be made 30 days following the receipt of purchase by the collectors.
In line with our values of openness and freedom in the art market, we apply a non-exclusive representation policy for artists who join us. Our artists agree to our full Terms and Conditions policy which is available to artists at This includes the terms that artists will sell a minimum of five artworks with us at any one time, and that they will keep the total net profit from all sales subsequent to our single commission fee.
We strive to aid and empower each of the artists we represent, meaning we hope you will be an active member of our Ungalleried community and our rich editorial features. We hope that you greatly enjoy interacting with our platform and working with our curators.
We recommend that you place a link to your Ungalleried profile link in the biographies of all your digital presences; be it social media, website or e-mail signatures. It is a secure, professional and inviting way to encourage collectors of your works. We also suggest that you engage with the Ungalleried profiles and community on social media sites, and we invite you to place the Ungalleried filter on your story highlights so that individuals can recognize you as an affiliated artist. We have premised our business model on encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship between our success and your renown.
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