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All art forms make us believe in the power of creativity as a positive force and universal means of communication. This belief is deeply rooted within Ungalleried and inspired a natural expansion of our business into Interior Design. Ungalleried offers Interior Design services ranging from a complete interior remodel to bespoke furniture design and interior design object, furniture, material and colour advisory services.

The standard modern interior design practice is often limited, but in the opposite way that a gallery is. Instead of extreme exclusivity, there's too often a reliance on mass-produced accent items and other generic commodities that may have aesthetic value, but lack meaning, individual stories, and symbols. These are combined in a way to give the illusion of personality, but none of the objects have a story of their own. At Ungalleried we believe every object can and should have a story to tell and you can be part of this narrative, by welcoming it into your home, office or business. Our interior design model isn't a parallel service, it is directly integrated into our day-to-day gallery operations, from artist engagement to curation.

We partner with architects so that you may be constantly updated on new artwork available for sale, the latest up-and- coming styles in the market and receive special access for procuring work - from originals to limited edition work and bespoke commissions. We provide complimentary advice to our design partners to guide them in selecting, procuring and shipping artworks of their choice for your specific design needs. Ungalleried makes the choosing and installing of artwork and designer objects on a professional scale a smooth and efficient process.



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