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Ungalleried is a new online gallery unravelling the art world, bringing the traditional gallery model into the global and digital age. We empower creators and collectors through enabling direct connections for the selling and purchasing of the future classics of the art world. We are truly a gallery without walls, and without limits, to bring you the joys of art collecting wherever you are.
We represent emerging contemporary artists from around the world with diverse and unconventional backgrounds, offering artworks across a variety of categories, including: original authentic drawings, paintings, limited edition prints, photography, sculptures and interior design objects. Our artists’ works range in price from 100,00 to 10.000,00 Euros.
We believe in breaking down the conventional boundaries of the art market for both creators and collectors — we desire to see works of art ‘ungalleried’, in the hands and homes of patrons, where we believe art truly belongs. Whilst traditional brick and mortar galleries are concerned with the daily efforts of pertaining to large overheads, producing physical exhibitions and appearing in international art fairs, we spend our time focusing on enabling talented artists to reach potential clients. This contributes to breaking down the rigidity of the market and the perpetuated hierarchies which decide which artists are the ‘best’ at any given moment, and which often result in the fact that many talented artists, even if represented by a gallery, see their artworks remaining on white walls or even in gallery storage, awaiting the day in which the market decides it’s their turn. All of our artists and artworks have been personally selected and certified by our expert team of Ungalleried curators, to bring you emerging, unconventional and diverse artists from around the world, in a free and open space not dictated to you by the traditional hierarchies of the art market. Ungalleried assures you in making the purchase of authentic artworks a secure and stress-free process — from browsing art works right through to purchase.
True to our word, we are a gallery without walls and without limits — we operate globally to connect artists and art-lovers.
Whether you are an occasional buyer or a seasoned collector, an amateur or an addict, Ungalleried enables you to purchase art wherever you are, at a time that suits you. We see our collectors as patrons in the true sense of the word — those who care about supporting the artists in society, who value the nature of creative activities and who seek to find their own relationship with art and artists in the contemporary market. In this way, we work to empower not only artists, but our clientele, so that you may define your personal vision of the world’s future classics. For more information on uncovering your personal tastes in the art market, consider our complimentary Art Advisory Services here.
Our artists set the prices of each art work on our platform personally in consultation with our experienced team of curators.
Ungalleried uses technology to reach an international audience, enabling direct sales between artists and buyers in a safe, easy and efficient manner. The original artwork is collected from the artist’s studio and delivered directly to your desired destination. We handle shipping logistics, though each order incurs individual shipping costs.
We offer secure payments through wire transfer or credit card and our support specialists ensure our artists and collectors are financially protected in every sale.
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