Andrea Papi

Rome | Italie

Andrea Papi is a visual designer who was born in 1978 and lives and works in Rome. Following a Biennal Master of Photography, Papi worked in Fashion Photography and subsequently moved into artistic research. Developing in the last years, Papi’s research has become focused increasingly on the study of landscape, where he investigates interactions and complex systems of relations between nature and the human being. We find that Papi’s interest in the landscape and such a relationship in his artistic research is one that comes from the foundation of his academic background with a degree in Human Geography. Papi continues to explore representations the landscape by using natural settings to create imagined landscapes, at times placing sculptural pieces inserted into the natural space to explore the notion of a hybrid environment. Papi’s works have been exhibited in several art fairs, festivals and galleries around Europe.

Rome: Master Biennial of Photography, Officine Fotografiche, 2017; 

Degree in Human Geography at La Sapienza University in 2007-2008

Expositions passées

SOLO AND GROUP EXHIBITIONS (SELECTED) 2017 "Land-data geometries", Fotofever Paris 2017, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris "Land-data geometries", Spello Photo Fest 2017, Spello "Land-data geometries", YIA Art Fair #08, Gebouw M, Maastricht 2016 "Land-data geometries", Fotofever Paris 2016, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris "Land-data geometries", YIA Art Fair #07, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris "Woodland", Arte Fiera 2016, Quartiere Fieristico, Bologna 2015 "Woodland", Fotofever Paris 2015, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris "Woodland", Castelnuovo Fotografia, Castello Rocca Colonna, Castelnuovo di Porto "Woodland (artists' book collection)", Fotografia Europea, Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia 2014 "Woodland (site-specific installation)", Emergency! #2, Fonderie Kugler, Genève 2011 "Passaggi. Autoritratti dell'invisto", FotoGrafia – Festival Internazionale di Roma X edizione, Galleria MuGa+Merzbau, Roma "Studio sul movimento", 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’arte Biennale di Venezia – Padiglione Italia Regione Lazio, Palazzo Venezia, Roma 2010 "Poesia in forma di rosa (omaggio a Pier Paolo Pasolini)", Galleria Whitecubealpigneto, Roma Testamento geométrico, Fotoleggendo VI Edizione, I.S.A., Roma 2009 "Album di famiglia", FotoGrafia – Festival Internazionale di Roma VIII edizione, Palazzo Mattei di Giove, Biblioteca di Storia Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma 2008 "Dov’è andato il cielo? L’arte a sostegno di Fitil", Galleria Sala 1, Roma Contemporanea: l’Arte a Venezia per Emergency, San Marco Casa D’Aste, Venezia "ARTEcontemporaneamodernaROMA" (courtesy Galleria Luxardo), Palazzo dei Congressi, Roma 2007 "DECA/dance", Pho-To’35 Gallery, Torino Holga, FotoGrafia – Festival Internazionale di Roma VI edizione, Project Room A.K.A., Roma "Noise from a cellar", Officine Fotografiche, Roma

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