Our Team

Simi Launay

Founder and Creative Director

Simi Launay was educated as an economist at Queen Mary University in London and trained as a head-hunter whilst nurturing a passion for the arts. Launay is a collector and artist, collecting works by Cheri Samba, Moke, Steve Bandoma and Phillipe Pasqua as well as ancient African sculptures. As a practicing artist, inspired by her own cultural duality, Launay gained commissions for her portraits, but experienced difficulty when approaching galleries for representation. In 2017 Launay moved from London to Cascais, Portugal where the idea for Ungalleried was conceived.

Sandra Krich

Gallery Manager and Creative Lead

Sandra Krich is originally from Lisbon and has a BA in History of Art and a Masters in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art from the University of Lisbon. Krich deciding she wanted to pursue her career in curation went on to a Curator course at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. She gained experience through an internship she completed alongside the chief curator of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon, home to an international collection of artworks and has continued to curate and write, with articles published in Portugal, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Krich has also taught History of Art at Maryland University College Europe. She is currently enrolled in a Phd in Contemporary Art at the University of Lisbon - Nova FCSH


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