Square Hole Found in Sun
  • Square Hole Found in Sun
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Square Hole Found in Sun

Elizabeth McTernan


Size: 60 W x 80 H x 3.2 cm
Production Year: 2019
Medium: framed copper etching on paper
Reference Number: 2050

From May 5th to 7th, 2014, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a video of the sun with a square-shaped "coronal hole," which is an area where solar wind streams out of the sun at superfast speeds. This square hole found in the sun was like a quadralateral rupture in a vast space defined by spheres, their endless rotatations, and their curved orbits. A black screen was temporarily cut into a sun that cannot be looked at directly by human eyes. The etching Square Hole Found in Sun captures an impression of the brief event.

Delivered within 7-21 days