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Copro, Spirito e Anima- Ti Amo

Laura Cionci


Size: 74 W x 112 H x 0 cm
Series/Collection: Utopia del Tempo
Medium: Digital
Reference Number: 934

“Body, Spirit and Soul”. In this collection of works, Laura Cionci reveals how magical rituals have their roots in a territory — and the beings that inhabit this territory. Each work becomes a talisman that retains in the work the realisation of a performative art piece — one that seeks to enclose the mystical experience and energy of the artist, as well as the strength of the natural elements. The forest is crossed, the plants are known, the water of the rivers and the ocean participate in communion. For Cionci, the whole mystery of nature is very close to us — we just need to listen. Through her art, we pause for a moment. We consider the immortal nature of nature; we once again make it our own. We might come to the realisation that the ‘new world’ of the future we seek to create, is the very one we destroy, when we act in ignorance of the natural world.

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