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the part of the whole_9

Laura Pugno


Size: 24 W x 33 H x 0 cm
Series/Collection: Landscape
Reference Number: 880

The excellent series “The Part of the Whole” by Laura Pugno is composed of a number of unique photographs. Pugno began this series by searching for photographs within her archives, selecting a number of particular shots of landscape scenes. Pugno chose an area of each shot to remain in place for the final realisation of her works, as she manipulates the original image in the final production of the photograph. The artist uses the action of printing the photograph to stop the mechanism at a single point. When held in place, the printer continues to release colour, pouring ink irregularly down when the sheet is extracted. The natural variety in the images creates a stunning collection of unique works, where in each image we sense both the whole and the part. There is an overlapping — these beautiful works convey not just presence and absence, but an abstract element that within it contains every item of information of the original image. The blurred ink  and colour is at once the presence of the image, yet it appears only in a sought-after illegibility. The surcharge of information — the pouring out of the colour in a mechanical operation — reveals how sometimes, the world is more than the sum of its parts.

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