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Man as the grass, his days like the flowers of the field, so they will flourish (version 1)

Iulia Ghita

Fara Filiorum Petri (Chieti)|Italy

Size: 29.7 W x 21 H x 0 cm
Production Year: 2014
Series/Collection: Life from herself (understood)
Reference Number: 1462

Iulia Ghita’s characteristic artworks take influence from installation design — whether her works take shape as drawings or in photography and video. Ghita’s interest in exploring relations and tensions that form as a result of the limits of human nature leads her to attempt to define that which is incomprehensible. In Ghita’s current series of works, we find extensive and connected elements that may be collected one by one, in groups, or even in their totality. Ghita is continually reinventing and updating her artistic practice.

This work comprises of five large-scale prints priced at €100 each. Collectors may choose to buy singular prints or the work in totality.

You can find all elements here:

Delivered within 7-21 days

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