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Dunes, Jericoacoara - Brazil

Rodrigo West

São Paulo|Brazil

Size: 90 W x 60 H x 0 cm
Production Year: 2016
Medium: Print
Reference Number: 1131

Rodrigo West’s photographic series Shades are of an awe-inspiring quality. The artist’s characteristic touch brings people, places and landscapes to life through atmospheres so evocative we feel that we might be travelling the world with him. West’s professional compositions continually lead the eye to the presence of an individual or toward an absence that seems to signify a beyond — around corners, down roads, or on paths that we are not sure to where they will lead. West connects portrait, landscape and lifestyle photography with social issues; using the natural world almost as a medium in and of itself. Perhaps most persistently, what we find in West’s works is a particular clarity of light that enables these photos — and the places and people they evoke — to glow from within.

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