female pierrot in the wood
  • female pierrot in the wood
  • female pierrot in the wood
  • female pierrot in the wood
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female pierrot in the wood

Marta Roberti


Size: 59 W x 47 H x 4 cm
Reference Number: 2044

It will have been It's a Hand drawn video animation realized in 2012 and produced by FILMMAKER FESTIVAL MILANO .

The title, it will-have-been, suggests that time is treated as a form of remembrance, and that things are described as if they were memories. The scenes and the different atmospheres in this video draw inspiration from two of
Freud’s major clinical cases: 'Little Hans' and the 'Wolf-Man'. In this work, narration retraces the stream of consciousness that a neurotic patient, whose pathology derives from infantile traumas, is experiencing while talking to Freud. Will-have-been is made of several hundred drawings that have been traced on black graphite transfer paper. All characters in the video have been traced by using an archive of photographs that portrayed moments of celebration and everyday life of several anonymous families. Collages of these characters have thus been created, in which mothers, fathers, sons and doters have been shuffled, and transformed into drawings.

Delivered within 7-21 days