Ungalleried is a part digital, part physical gallery that strives to empower both collectors and creatives while being a curated managed global market place.

At Ungalleried we believe that every artist deserves a chance to be seen. We are always on the hunt for new artists along with our uniquely selected team of curators from all over the globe.

Whether you are a new emerging artist or a regular in the gallery environment, contact us if you want to become an Ungalleried artist by sending us your PDF CV and Portfolio to the email address or completing the following form.

The art you submit will be reviewed by our board of curators.

Artist handbook


Uncover our ultimate guide for artists, with all the information that you require to apply, establish and sustain a relationship with us. We provide you with general information regarding how the art market works and our digital model, as well as particulars for ensuring your success with us. We provide you with recommendations to feature across our media channels, and answer frequently asked questions that you may have. We have created this informative guide for you with our compliments.

Artist spinner